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“ Welcome to Price Royalty Publishing, Where Our Ear is Our Talent”


At Price Royalty Publishing we value quality music from musicians, composers, songwriters, beat producers and creatives in virtually any genre. Simply because we know that a great catalogue is not only robust, but also diverse from Hip-Hop to Pop and so on. We specialize in music dedication and hands-on experience with each artist, client and/or music library that we work with. Ensuring that once we agree to a specific composition or library, then we leave no song behind, with respect to working and pitching hit songs. We network with key music industry professionals, only on specific music that we deem to be a fit or hit, with labels, supervisors & music executives.

Are you or someone that you may know seeking a top notch, music and media publishing agency? Serious Artists put their heart and soul into creating a song, beat or composition, but what does it take to transform this creation into a musical sensation? Well, first a team is one answer, but the real answer is also having a well-resourced publishing house (independent or major). Therefore, at Price Royalty Publishing we offer artists, songwriters and producers from all genres the freedom to create their best work -with full creative control and then, we will handle the rest. 

Who Are We?

Price Royalty Publishing is your ultimate destination for acquiring unparalleled and top-notch publishing and editorial services within the music, media, and overall entertainment industry. Whether you are a singer, songwriter, beat producer, vocalist, engineer, or ghost-writer, we will assist you in showcasing your talent and promoting your content. Being a part of a giant multi-genre production team, we accept multiple talents and their skills. 

What Do We Offer?

As previously mentioned, (PRP) is a platform where you can acquire multiple services regarding your art publishing, editing, and selling. We are a giant collaboration of various talent scouting agencies that provide the artists with the required exposure and convenience to handle royalty and licensing issues. 

Services We Offer at Price Royalty Publishing and more, upon request:

  • A&R Talent Consultant via Price Royalty Publishing & Amada Records
  • Beat Scouting & Consultant | Beat Leasing and Acquisition Experience
  • Multi-Platinum Production & Engineer Consulting Services
  • Sync Pitching | Sync Fee | Neg Licensing Agreements
  • Music licensing Opt-in Agreements (per song/catalogue under PRP)
  • Song Pro-Reviewer Services and Music Licensing Provider (via
  • Royalty management | PRO Artist set-up | BDS Registration | Billboard Registration
  • Charting services: iTunes, Billboard, Amazon (*Song Approval by The DJ Grid)
  • Music distribution services (In-house or Major label)
  • Playlist pitching services (Spotify, Apple, Amazon, Tidal + Influencer Tik Tok)
  • Radio promotion (BDS) services | Music Blog Article Post (Article Must Be Written)
  • Article Music Blog / New Single or Album Write-Up and Distribution Services
  • Label pitching to A&R’s & Artist Managers (Songs, Beats & Songwriting)
  • Set Up Artist profile per digital platform | Set Up Artist Social Media Accounts
  • Publishing data analysis for improved performance and post release promotion

Our Founder and History

Price Royalty Publishing is the brainchild of Jeseka Price, who is an avid music lover, talent & beat scouter, while also being an Executive Producer. Price has been in the industry for several years with hands-on experience within the music, entertainment and media industry.  Jeseka also has sufficient knowledge in regards to copyright law, assisting artists but primarily songwriters (a publisher’s right hand) in protecting their copyright, trademarks and fair pay.

Established just last year, in 2020’s height of the pandemic. Price Royalty Publishing flourished rather quick for a small black-owned start up hailing from Houston, Texas. However, the company continues to grow by leaps and bounds to assist artists with their eccentric and infectious musical creations. The Price Royalty Publishing team is comprised of highly experienced, dedicated professionals with integrity in addition to a wide range of knowledge within the music & entertainment industry. We are not only well connected, but we truly strive in delivering quality services to all of our artists & clients.  

MISSION Statement

Creating a platform for artists from multiple genres to come and create excellent music.

Vision Statement

To transform our company into a brand that is fully dedicated to providing quality publishing, editorial & artist services, with the persistent approach to grow and attain financial wellness.

Our Core Values

Every successful business requires core values which help determine the overall company structure and performance ethics. Therefore, at Price Royalty Publishing, we have aligned our key core values below, showcasing what we believe in as a code of conduct with our clients.

Quality and persistence:

When it comes to success, you need quality and persistence to be on the top and stay there. With Price Royalty Publishing, you get to publish and promote your music, but first, it has to be good enough to get approved. Our team works with artists to get the best from them. 


Professionalism is the key to any successful business. To maintain our quality of service, we believe in professionalism and take it very seriously. Our team comprises people that have extensive experience in the field and know the industry inside out. Plus, to cope with any unlikely situation, we always keep our facts and skills ready and polished. So, when you join our team, we will always have your back. 

Why You Should Consider Us?

Still, thinking about whether you should be a part of our company or not? Well, here are some of the striking features that make us stand out in the competition. 

Long term relationship:

With every client, we intend to build a long-lasting relationship to get to their best creation. From the start till the end, we will assist you in every way to get your talent to monetize for you. 

Quality services:

We believe in serving the utmost quality to our clients. There is a zero-tolerance policy for low-quality services.


For publishing your music, press releases and more in the best manner possible, we offer you top-notch services, including publishing, editing, distribution, royalty management, and many more. 

So what are you waiting for? Reach out to us with your best work, and we will review, evaluate and notify you if we believe we can be of service to your songs, compositions or catalog. After all, Lets get your music in the forefront to be heard/seen on a platform it deserves!

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